Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

  • 5 Ways A Hot Tub Can Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution

    Around40% of Americans make New Year's resolutions, but only 8% of those successful keep their resolutions. If you are thinking about making a resolution for the coming year, you will want to come up with a concrete plan to achieve it, as well as a few motivators to help you when you struggle with it. Below are five of the more common New Year's resolutions and how a hot tub can help you achieve them.

  • 4 Interesting Facts About City Sewer Versus Septic Systems

    If you move from a home that is on city sewer to a home that has its own septic tank, there are many differences between the two types of sewage systems. It is important that you know these differences so you don't do any damage to your septic system. Here are four interesting facts about the differences and similarities between city sewer and septic systems. #1 Your Home's Septic Tank is Your Own Personal Sewage Treatment Facility

  • 4 Types Of Asphalt Damage That Pose A Threat To Vehicles

    Weather and traffic continually degrade asphalt over roadways until the material begins to fail. As the condition of the asphalt worsens, vehicles driving overhead may suffer damage from coming into contact with sharp edges on cracks or holes. Furthermore, sudden jolts from upheavals or potholes may pop suspension components out of place by damaging hardware holding the vehicle together. Even more shockingly, supportive materials under the asphalt can wash away and cause a sudden collapse that swallows up vehicles whole.

  • Mini-Guide To What May Cause Condensation Inside Your RV

    Whether you live in your RV full time or just spend time in it occasionally, condensation may be a problem. Condensation forms when the moisture in the air comes in contact with a cool surface. It's important to understand the various causes for moisture in RVs, because some of them could be huge red flags your RV is in desperate need of repair. And, condensation can cause water damage and mold growth if it's allowed to form repeatedly over time.

  • 2 Garage Door Problems And What They Might Mean

    If you are like most people, the last thing you probably have time for is troubleshooting your garage door. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to figure out where your garage door issues stem from, which can be incredibly frustrating. Here are two garage door problems and what they might mean, so you can decide how to fix the issue.    1: Unresponsive System After arriving home during a heavy rain or snow storm, nothing is more frustrating than an unresponsive system.

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    Change Your Home One Step at a Time

    The best way to handle major home renovations is to take them one step at a time. Instead of trying to change your whole home at once, start small. I started with the guest bathroom, then the guest bedroom, then moved on to my kids’ rooms, my bedroom, and the living room. Now I’m working on remodeling the kitchen. I started this blog to help other people who are attempting major home renovations. I’ll show you how to change your whole home by breaking it up into manageable chunks. Wondering which kitchen counters are right for you, or how to add more space to your bedroom? We’ll go over the pros and cons of different materials and discuss DIY renovation projects. Before you know it, you’ll have created your dream home.