Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

  • How To Clean And Maintain Your Wood Dock

    Just as you clean and maintain your boat, you should also clean and maintain the dock that holds your boat. Your dock is an expensive and important part of your boating hobby, so take care of it to preserve its value. Here are some instructions to help you clean and maintain your boat dock to help it last for many years. Remove Barnacles The build-up of barnacles on and below the waterline of your dock wall and pilings can cause damage to your dock just as they cause damage to the hull of your boat.

  • Make Your Own Inexpensive Marble Cleaning Products

    In order to keep your marble looking great, it will need to be properly cared for and cleaned. If you improperly clean it, it can become scratched or discolored. Unfortunately, marble cleaning products that you buy in the store can be pricey. However, you don't have to spend a ton to keep your marble looking great. Here are a few of the inexpensive marble cleaning products you can make yourself to keep your marble sanitized and clean.

  • 3 Plumbing Technologies That Can Drastically Reduce Your Water Usage

    In response to the severe drought conditions in the western United States, people in states such as California are being required to reduce their water usage by as much as 36%. Fortunately, you don't need to make radical changes to your lifestyle to reduce your water usage; you just need to make changes to your plumbing. Here are three plumbing technologies that can drastically reduce your water usage, without drastically affecting your lifestyle.

  • 3 Mistakes People Make When Building A Property And How To Avoid Them

    Building a home from scratch is many people's dream; however, the reality is that the process is much more difficult than it first seems. Below are three common mistakes people make when building a home and how to avoid them: Building an Unsalable Home It may be a little difficult to consider the resale value of your home before you've even built it, but doing so could save you a lot of stress (and money!

  • New Tiny Home Builder? 3 Questions To Ask Clients To Help Choose The Perfect Water Heater For Them

    If you are a contractor who has decided to take advantage of the increasing number of home-buyers interested in custom-built tiny homes, then you are entering a hot market. In a tiny home, the obvious choice in a water heater is a tankless heater, sometimes called an on-demand water heater. However, there are many types of tankless heaters that rely on different power sources to operate them and are able to produce more water on demand than others.

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    Change Your Home One Step at a Time

    The best way to handle major home renovations is to take them one step at a time. Instead of trying to change your whole home at once, start small. I started with the guest bathroom, then the guest bedroom, then moved on to my kids’ rooms, my bedroom, and the living room. Now I’m working on remodeling the kitchen. I started this blog to help other people who are attempting major home renovations. I’ll show you how to change your whole home by breaking it up into manageable chunks. Wondering which kitchen counters are right for you, or how to add more space to your bedroom? We’ll go over the pros and cons of different materials and discuss DIY renovation projects. Before you know it, you’ll have created your dream home.