Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Commercial Construction Design Ideas To Make Buildings Greener And Efficient

by Aiden Carroll

If you are planning a construction project, you are going to want to consider green building designs. There are benefits to having a greener commercial building design. For one thing, it can save you energy and reduce operating costs if you are a business owner. Green building designs can also qualify for special certifications and financial benefits. Some ideas to consider for greener building design with commercial construction include:

Thermal Barriers with Green Roofs and Other Finishes

The best way to make commercial buildings more efficient is with a better thermal barrier. The thermal barriers include the roof and exterior walls. Using the right materials in these areas will prevent the heat transfer that causes energy loss. Solutions that can improve the thermal barriers of commercial buildings include:

  • Green roof systems with soil and plants
  • Blocks filled with earthen materials to insulate buildings
  • Insulated exterior finishes that provide strength and insulate buildings

The improved thermal barriers will help reduce the need for commercial HVAC equipment to heat and cool your business. This will make it efficient and reduce your annual energy costs.

Adding Renewable Energy to The Building Design

You want to consider the many different options that are available to add renewable energy to building designs. The energy solutions that you will want to consider for the design of your commercial building include:

  • Solar collectors for water heaters and thermal energy
  • Vertical wind turbines to produce energy in the wind
  • Solar panels to produce the electricity to power your business

The right renewable energy systems for the design of your building can help make your business more sustainable. There are also simple solutions to add other renewable resources to the design, such as the addition of rain collection systems.

Reutilizing Water Resources with the Building Design

There are several areas of commercial buildings where you can take advantage of water resources. First, you will want to consider rain collection, which can be integrated into the building's roof design. There are also options for greywater recycling that you might want to consider for the design of the building. The greywater from appliances and sinks can be filtered lightly to be reused for areas like bathrooms and nonportable uses like irrigation and maintenance.

Passive Heating and Cooling with Commercial Building Design

There are also solutions to create passive heating and cooling for the design of commercial buildings. The heating and cooling solutions can be provided with the design of the buildings. To create passive cooling, the building needs to have good thermal barriers and ventilation to allow heat to escape.

The greener building designs are also great for contemporary architecture with unconventional features like green roofs. Contact a commercial construction service and talk to them about these ideas for a green building design.


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