Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Use Black Walnut And Decorative Features To Add A Rustic Touch To Your Kitchen

by Aiden Carroll

A black walnut countertop is aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and a great choice when you are concerned about food safety. Choose a countertop design that includes storage space and add some other earthy tones to your kitchen to provide the room with a rustic setting.

A Wall Or A Central Unit

How much counter space is in your kitchen now may dictate the size of the new walnut countertop, but you do not have to leave things the same, especially if the kitchen is spacious and you would like to increase the amount of room that you have to prepare and serve meals. An island countertop that is centrally located will provide ample room for your cooking gear, and it can be used as a secondary serving and eating station if your kitchen table isn't quite large enough for your needs.

Choose a single layer of black walnut that is surrounded by metal or wooden trim that is a complementary color and style. If you decide upon adding an island countertop unit in the middle of the kitchen, have shelves or cabinetry installed on one or more sides of the island. This will allow you to store cookware, dishes, cutlery, and dry ingredients, and it will keep your working space clean.

Easy Cleaning And Many Decorative Possibilities

Some countertop materials, such as laminate, quartz, or marble, contain a non-porous surface. Although this type of material will prevent liquids from seeping into the surface and causing deep stains, bacteria may remain on top of a counter and could possibly contaminate raw food ingredients.

Wooden surfaces possess a series of small pores, or vessels. Untreated wood will trap bacteria via the fine-grained surface. Although bacteria will be pulled away from the top of a countertop, they can be eliminated completely by using a warm soapy rag and a spray disinfectant. Black walnut will develop a natural patina over time. This look is often associated with a rustic theme.

After you have new countertops installed, think about ways to propel the rudimentary design scheme. Woven baskets or wicker containers can be used to hold faux flowers. Wooden knick-knacks, pinecones, and time period artwork may tie into the theme that you are adding to your kitchen and will provide your food preparation and serving area with a uniform appearance. Place decorative features upon a wooden shelving unit or floating shelves that are constructed of black walnut.

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