Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Ready For Spring? How To Inspect For Necessary Water Heater Repairs

by Aiden Carroll

Spring is finally just around the corner. Now that winter is on its way out, you need to make sure your water heater is ready for the change of seasons. If your water heater has an exterior access door, you may have avoided the area during the winter, especially if you've been dealing with freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, the out of sight, out of mind approach to your water heater can be disastrous, especially during the winter. Once spring arrives, you'll want to spend some time on water heater repairs. Here are three steps you need to take to identify potential water heater problems this spring. 

Look for Leaks

When it comes to caring for your water heater this spring, the first thing you need to do is look for leaks. Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your pipes, especially the ones connected to your water heater. During the winter, your water heater may have developed leaks in the pipes and fittings. Unfortunately, leaky water heater pipes can cause water damage to your home, and reduce the life expectancy of your water heater. If you do locate leaks during your water heater inspection, have them repaired immediately. 

Inspect the Pilot Light

If you haven't looked at the pilot light on your water heater all winter long, now's the time to take a closer look. Your pilot light should be giving off a constant blue color. If you notice other colors, such as orange or yellow, the air mixture isn't right, which means you need to call for repairs. Other pilot light problems you should look for include, flickering and failing. If your pilot light is flickering, or has failed altogether, you need to call for immediate repairs. 

Test the Temperature Setting

Now that you're getting your water heater ready for spring, take the time to test the temperature settings. You may have turned your thermostat up a bit to make sure you had adequate hot water during the cold winter. However, now that the weather is warming up, you'll need to reduce the setting. Unfortunately, exposure to the cold can cause problems for your thermostat. To check your thermostat, set the temperature to the appropriate spring setting and then test the water temperature inside your home. If your water is still too hot after several adjustments, call for repairs right away. 

Don't leave your water heater in disrepair this spring. Use the tips provided here to identify potential repairs that your water heater will need now it's recovering from the winter freeze.

For more information on water heater repair, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.


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