Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Pros And Cons Of Designing A Circular Dining Room

by Aiden Carroll

If you're looking to add some creative ideas to your custom home, one option that you might be evaluating is making your dining room circular. This is a prevalent design in many high-end residences, and it may be something that has caught your eye if you've seen it online or on TV. Your custom home builder can definitely draw up plans for a home that includes a circular living room, but you'll want to mull over these points before you proceed.

Pro: It Can Create A Connection

When you eat in a dining room, you'll often find yourself at a rectangular table. While there are advantages of this shape, the big disadvantage is that people who sit at each end are a considerable distance from one another. Sitting at a round table provides much more camaraderie and connection because everyone is essentially facing everyone. When you get a circular dining room in your custom home and outfit it with a circular table, you'll be setting up a space that is ideal for group gatherings.

Con: Other Furniture Can Be A Challenge

While a round table will perfectly complement a circular dining room, other furniture can be a challenge. It's common to have several other pieces of furniture in a dining room — a hutch, an end table, and a china cabinet are all common, for example. The problem with these pieces is that they have flat backs, which means that you won't be able to push them right against the wall if it's curved. The result can be that the placement of these pieces can look awkward.

Pro: It Can Make The Exterior Of Your Home Look Appealing

It's common for a home's dining room to be against an outside wall, as this allows plenty of natural light into the space. When you opt for a circular dining room, this shape will be evident from the exterior of the residence. The result can be a unique look that is much more pleasing to the eye than a residence that is made entirely of straight lines.

Con: There Will Be Some Wasted Space

Circular rooms result in some wasted space around them. When two square or rectangular rooms are next to one another, there's a narrow wall between them. When you have a circular room adjacent to a room with a flat side, there will be some gaps in the wall — which will waste a bit of space that you might otherwise find useful. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a circular dining room and then proceed according to your preferences.

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