Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Don't Let A Clogged Drain Haunt Your Halloween

by Aiden Carroll

October is a spooky month where all manner of frightful beasts will soon be roaming the night, but there may be something even more terrifying lurking in your home's drains. Is it the ghost of some poor soul trapped in the sewer that's come to take its revenge on those who dare to mock its plight with candy and silly costumes? It might be if your home was foolishly built above an ancient cursed sewer lateral, but it's more likely to be a terrible monster of grease, hair, and other detritus.

Clogs in your drains can build up over time, waiting for just the right moment to strike out against those living above. Luckily, these frightful fiends often present some telltale warning signs that you can use to fight back before it's too late. Watch out for these symptoms so you can know whether it's time to call in a professional plumber to help you on your drain clearing hunt.

A Restless Gurgling

When water runs down your drain, do you hear a low gurgling or bubbling emanating from the beast's foul lair below? Undoubtedly, this must be a sign of something hiding within your home's plumbing. Unfortunately, it is. When your drain gurgles, burbles, and bubbles, what you are hearing is the sound of air escaping upwards around a clog as water makes it way downwards. This sound is often one of the first symptoms of a dreadful clog just beginning to form. Even if your water still seems to be draining adequately, now is usually the time to act.

A Terrible Stench

Clogs aren't just noisy beasts; they're smelly ones too. Along with unusual noises, a sign that something foul has taken up residence within your plumbing is an odor detectable near your drains. This odor should be especially worrisome if you can smell it near bathtubs or other drains in your home that are unlikely to have food particles flushed down them. In this case, the smell may be backing up from the sewer or a drain pipe further down in your house. Clogs are nefarious enough to cause trouble throughout your home, even in drains they may not have originated in.

A Buzzing Menace

Are there flies or other insects buzzing around your drain? These are the minions of a clog, and they are likely to indicate that something is rotting within your drain. This infestation can occur when the clog is composed of rotting food or other organic matter, and it can even indicate a drainage issue in your sewer pipes. While bugs can be annoying, do not assume that a swarm of them near your drain is simply an inconvenience and not a sign of deeper trouble.

Don't Battle a Clog Alone

If the signs of a haunting in your pipes are all there, don't call the ghostbusters; call a professional plumber. Over the counter drain cleaning products are sometimes sufficient to deal with a dastardly clog, but often they aren't enough. Bringing a plumber in on the hunt can help you to deal with a clog before your drains begin to back up, saving you from a Halloween haunted by something other than trick or treaters.

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