Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

How To Prevent Plumbing Emergencies With The Urinals In Your Building

by Aiden Carroll

If you operate a business or shop, your male restrooms probably have urinals in them. Urinals are not quite as complicated as toilets, but they can still develop problems with flushing and clogging. Here are some ways to keep the urinals in your building working properly and prevent urinal emergencies.

Prevent Mineral Buildup

Your cleaning service should clean the urinals nightly, so they stay clean and odor-free. Regular cleaning with products that dissolve minerals can help prevent clogging. Even something as simple as vinegar can keep minerals from causing trouble. However, once a urinal is clogged, you may need to call in a plumber to scrape the minerals off with tools that can also clean buildup from the drain. While minerals can clog up the urinal drain itself, the buildup can also affect the drainpipe over the long run. If clogging is an ongoing problem, talk to your cleaning company or a commercial plumber about things you can do to prevent mineral buildup.

Perform Regular Maintenance 

If your building has waterless urinals, these will need special care and maintenance. Rather than flush with water, the urinals have cartridges with a sealant that allows urine to flow into the drain but keeps odors from leaking out. These toilets have to be cleaned with the proper products so the sealant isn't damaged or odors will escape. Occasionally, the trap and sealant have to be changed. You may need to have this done by a plumber if the cleaning company isn't able to do it and you don't have your own maintenance department.

Fix Problems With Water Flow Promptly

Repairs should be done on urinals as soon as they're noted before more serious problems develop that could cause water to leak on the floor or odors to fill the restroom. A urinal might flush with too much water or too little. This might require adjustment or replacement of the valve. A urinal that doesn't flush at all might even be a sign of a cracked water pipe behind the wall. Other problems that may need help from a commercial plumber include odd noises in the water pipes that feed the urinals, a leaky urinal, and urinals or drains that have bad odors. By having these problems repaired promptly, you might prevent water damage or a slip and fall accident due to water on the floor.

As part of maintaining your commercial plumbing system, you may want a plumber to perform an inspection of the urinals and provide maintenance as needed. This prevents major problems and provides your company with records of service calls and repairs. If you don't have your own maintenance crew, then it's good to have a professional watching over your plumbing since plumbing trouble could turn into a big problem when you do business with the public.


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