Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Get A Finished Basement Ready For Renting By Hiring An Electrician

by Aiden Carroll

When you have a finished basement that does not get used nearly as often as you would like, you may decide that you want to make a drastic change to enjoy more usage from the space. In this situation, you may intend on turning the basement into a full-time rental. Although the basement may be finished, and you may be able to accommodate a tenant in most ways, it may not be completely ready for someone to move in and start living in the unit on a daily basis.

An electrician is an ideal person to hire for a few valuable services before you start marketing the rental.


To avoid a situation in which a tenant has any electrical-related problems, you will need to get a thorough inspection of the electrical system throughout the basement and your house. Since the electrical system on the main floor may be connected to the basement, you do not want any electrical problems that you end up experiencing to lead to complications for both you and your tenant.

A detailed inspection will give you valuable information such as what may need to be worked on right away, as well as what future services you will find worth investing in.


Although a tenant can pick up floor lamps, table lamps, and replace ceiling fixture light bulbs with brighter or dimmer bulbs to meet their lighting needs, you should provide them with ample lighting that they can enjoy right away. This is an important thing to consider for the entrance into the basement because it may not be as well-lit as the main entrance to your home.

A great goal is to provide the same illumination at the basement entryway because this will make it a more inviting feature and much safer for your tenant when they enter the unit at night.

As for the interior, you can make plans to add undercabinet lighting, recessed lighting, and ceiling light fixtures until you are satisfied with how much light every room in the basement gets.


An easy project to take on is the installation of new electrical outlets to make sure that your tenants do not have any problems with plugging in electronics. Getting ones with USB ports is even better because it will accommodate modern necessities such as smartphone charging.

If you want to equip your basement in the right way for renting out to tenants, you should hire an electrician for help with taking on projects inside and outside the unit. For more information, contact a company such as Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc.


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