Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

3 Reasons Repairing Your Brick Chimney Should Be A Priority

by Aiden Carroll

Brick is a strong building material, and brick chimneys are built to last. Even so, older brick chimneys can begin to crack and crumble from erosion and just plain old time. Your chimney might have started to slowly wear out over the years, and having it repaired might not have been the top thing on your to-do list. Don't put this off any longer, though. It's a repair to prioritize for these reasons.

1. Your Home's Appearance and Value are Affected

Having a fireplace and a chimney is a positive thing for your home. It makes it cozier, helps you save on heating during the winter and can add aesthetic value to your home. If you let your chimney go and don't take care of it, though, it can have a negative impact on your home. For one thing, from the outside, looking at a chimney that is crumbling and old isn't necessarily pleasing to the eye, and your home's curb appeal is affected by it. Plus, if someone looks at your home after you put it on the market, or if they have the home inspected before buying, the damaged chimney is probably going to be mentioned. A buyer might not want to pay as much for a home that needs chimney repair as they would for a home with a chimney that's in good shape.

2. A Damaged Chimney is Potentially Dangerous

Your damaged chimney can be dangerous. If the bricks are in really bad condition, there's the chance of the whole chimney collapsing. Depending on the weight of the bricks and the condition of your roof, they could fall through your roof. They could also fall off of your roof and fall on someone or something in your yard. This poses an obvious danger that can really only be prevented if you have the chimney repaired before something happens.

3. It'll Help You Prevent Leaks

As your chimney gets older, there are going to be cracks and crevices in the brick. Water can seep through this and can get into your chimney and eventually into your home. The area surrounding your chimney may also be a spot for water leaks as the chimney wears out. This can cause significant damage to your home. Having your chimney repaired and then checking your roof afterward to determine if additional repairs need to be made will help you prevent these leaks.

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