Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Two Tips To Help Enhance Your Shower Experience

by Aiden Carroll

Nothing can relax you like taking a long hot shower. It both wakes you up and winds you down, helping you get the energy together to head out to work in the morning while simultaneously allowing you to release the stresses of the day when you're ready to go to sleep at night. If you love a good shower and are ready to make your time there even better look below for a couple of tips that can take your shower experience to a whole new level.

Install Glass Shelves

Accessibility is everything when you're in the shower. Your soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all need to be within arm's reach because if they aren't the situation can actually become dangerous. Having to bend down for these items could mean that you mistakenly slip and hurt yourself. This is something you most definitely want to avoid.

Putting shelving in your shower makes it so easy for you to grab what you need while you are cleansing your body. There are beautiful corner shelves that will be just out of the way enough to be nearly invisible but just close enough to allow for easy access. It's a good idea to use glass for the shelves because doing so can almost make it seem as if the shelves aren't even there. Your hygiene products will seem to be suspended in the air!

Frameless Shower Doors Are A Must

Another tip that can help you have a more pleasurable shower experience is to put in frameless shower doors. You may have had doors in the past that ran on a track. The problem with these kinds of shower doors is that they are a haven for dirt and mold. Cleaning them can become quite a chore and if you're too busy to really keep up with the maintenance they can start to look pretty bad.

Frameless shower doors are bolted to the ceiling and the floor. There's no track for you to clean and they are made out of tempered glass so they are very resistant to dirt. Just by spraying them down with a shower cleaner after each use you should be able to keep the space in great shape.

It's time for you to elevate your shower experience. Let these tips be your guide as you create a shower that begs you to enter it each and every day. Contact a company, like Port Orchard Glass, for more help.


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Change Your Home One Step at a Time

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