Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Insight To Help You Prevent And Repair Home Foundation Damage

by Aiden Carroll

Foundation problems in your home are not to be taken lightly, as they can lead to damage of your entire home's structure. Damage of your home's foundation can consist of cracks and gaps in your foundation or your entire foundation settling and failing. Here are steps to help you deal with your home's foundation to prevent and repair some types of foundation damage.

Prevent Foundation Problems

One of the best ways to prevent problems in your home's foundation is to watch and manage the soil around it. The soil and its ability to remain stable around and below the foundation will provide the support to keep your concrete foundation from cracking or shifting.

Too much moisture around the foundation will cause the soil to expand and can create moisture leaks into your home. Preventing the soil from becoming overly saturated from too much precipitation and ground saturation is essential. Make sure your home has adequate roof gutters and downspouts to keep the runoff from falling directly onto the soil around the foundation.

Clean out leaves and debris from the gutters and check them for any cracks that could cause overflowing and leaks. Also, watch the downspouts for proper drainage flow and make sure the downspouts are directing water to a spot several feet away from your foundation. It is a good idea to place the end of the diverter onto a paved area or a splash block.

Also check your foundation soil for excessive dryness, as this can cause the soil to shrink and pull away from the foundation, allowing shifting and cracking to occur in the concrete walls and slab. Check for clay-like soil around your foundation, which can be the cause of this type of damage. Incorporate sandy soil into the soil in your yard to help combat this shrinkage.

Repair Foundation Cracks

If you find any damage to your foundation, you can repair some forms of cracking yourself. You can find a foundation repair kit at most home improvement stores, which will provide all the required tools and equipment to fill cracks in your foundation walls.

Some foundation repair kits use an injection system to insert an epoxy or polyurethane into the cracks of your foundation walls to fill them and prevent moisture leaks and further damage. However, it is important to first, eliminate the exterior soil moisture problem before repairing the cracks, as excessive exterior moisture will create new cracking and issues.

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