Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Five Things That Could Go Wrong If You Avoid Needed Electrical Repairs

by Aiden Carroll

Electrical repair projects are not something you can postpone indefinitely. In fact, it is not a good idea to postpone this type of repair work at all. Several things could go wrong, which would not only make the situation much worse than it currently is, but also much more expensive to fix. 


Power shortages are just the beginning of what is to come when you avoid making electrical repairs. These shortages tend to be annoying, constantly causing your appliances and electronic gadgets to stop mid-cycle. Then you have to run down to the fuse box, flip the switches that control the power in the affected rooms, and repeat until you have successfully cleaned a load of laundry, made a cup of coffee, blow dried your hair, etc.

Power Surges and Sparks

Power surges are when the power surges up through the wires to an outlet or switch when you turn something on. You may hear some crackling and even see sparks. This is especially dangerous, as you might get an electrical burn or get zapped by the surge. Sure, you could avoid using the affected outlets and switches, and/or use surge protectors, but you are still just putting a band-aid on the real problem. Do you honestly want to take that risk and possibly get injured after forgetting to avoid a switch or outlet? Most people in your position would say no; it is not worth it.

Complete Power Outages

Next comes the total power outages. While you can deal with the obnoxiousness of power shortages, total power outages are not something you can address alone. This requires an electrician's skill. If you still avoid making necessary repairs, you may not like what could happen next.

Electrical Fires

If you have any exposed wires or chewed wires in and around the electrical system of your home, you are in danger of setting off an electrical fire. All it takes is one big electrical spark to ignite wood or insulation, and suddenly you are calling the fire department to come rescue your home. Worse still, you have a very good idea what is causing the fire, which means you are placing he firefighters' lives at risk with the electrical jolts mixing with water.

While firefighters are often prepared for such things by wearing rubber boots and equipment that does not conduct electricity, it only takes a second for a firefighter to remove a glove or other piece of protective gear, and then he or she is at risk. Would you want to be responsible for his/her injuries, knowing full well that the fire is probably electrical in nature, and that it is because you avoided making the necessary repairs? That is a heavy burden indeed.

Homeowner's Insurance That Will Not Cover the Damages

Your homeowner's insurance company will ask probing questions and send their own investigator out to check out the damage on your home. If it is determined that you could have prevented any and all of the above by making simple electrical repairs, the insurance company will negate your claim. The blame will fall on your shoulders for failing to perform typical home maintenance repairs, which led to disastrous results. Then you will be penniless and homeless, often with the remainder of the mortgage to pay off.

A Few Minutes of Your Time and a Few Bucks

While the thought of paying an electrician's hourly rate to fix something makes you queasy, consider the above progression of events and weigh it against the electrician's bill for services rendered. You cannot argue against that. A few minutes of your time and a few bucks against the problems, nuisances, and dangerous events is worth it. 


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