Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Four Reasons To Collect Aluminum For Recycling

by Aiden Carroll

These days, it's hard to turn a corner without seeing some sort of advertisement regarding the importance of recycling. But these ads and encouragements are usually quite non-specific. They encourage you to recycle because doing so will help save the planet or reduce waste. While these reasons are certainly true, they're also pretty vague -- so it's hard to visualize the exact benefit your recycling will have. It's more helpful to look at recycling on a per-material level. For instance, consider aluminum. Here are four specific reasons you should collect and recycle this common metal.

Reason #1: Aluminum is very easy to recycle.

Some metals are tough to refine and re-purpose, but aluminum is easy. You can be almost certain that every bit of aluminum you turn into the recycling plant will be able to be used to make new products. Even small aluminum items, like pop tabs and the tops of cans, can be recycled. And aluminum has uses across many industries, not just in the manufacture of cans and storage containers. It can be used to make window frames, kitchen utensils, and even airplane parts. So, there is definitely a demand for recycled aluminum, and turning aluminum in to the recycling plant will help ensure there's a supply of recycled aluminum for these businesses to draw on so they don't have to rely on new materials.

Reason #2: Recycling aluminum helps create jobs.

When you turn aluminum in to a recycling plant, you are increasing the amount of aluminum that must be treated and re-purposed. If enough people start turning in more aluminum for recycling, there will be an increased need for additional employees. New jobs in sustainable industries, like recycling, are always a good thing for the economy and for the planet. 

Reason #3: You can get paid.

That's right -- most scrap metal collection facilities will pay you for the aluminum that you bring to them. You can expect to get between $0.35 and $0.70 per pound for aluminum. This might not sound like a lot, but the weight of your aluminum can really add up quickly. And there's a lot of aluminum available to be recycled. Beyond recycling your own household cans and other aluminum items, here are a few places to look for more free, up-for-grabs aluminum items to recycle.

  • Alongside the road (put out for the trash)
  • At local warehouses and businesses (ask if you can take aluminum waste that is sitting around)
  • On online ad sites (people may post items like appliances and furniture for free in order to get it out of their way)

Wait until you have a few boxes full of scrap aluminum, and then make a visit to the scrap yard for a good payday.

Reason #4: A lot of aluminum ends up in landfills.

If you have ever driven by a landfill, you know that they're unsightly piles of garbage that take up space that could otherwise be used for parks and developments. Why add more material to the landfills that are already growing too quickly? A lot of aluminum items do end up in landfills because people either do not know they can be recycled or just can't be bothered. By recycling aluminum waste, you are helping to slow down the growth of landfills, which has numerous benefits for the earth and for people in communities near those landfills.

Recycling aluminum does help save the planet and cut back on waste, but it also offers the more specific benefits above. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start collecting scrap aluminum to recycle today. You can also visit websites like


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