Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Got Mulch? The Hidden Benefits Of This Versatile Ground Cover

by Aiden Carroll

It's perfect for lining flower gardens, it works wonders for weed control, and it holds moisture like it's nobody's business–mulch could easily be considered one of the most popular landscape materials in the country. If you are like most homeowners, you have at least one mulched area somewhere on your property. However, just because you are familiar with mulch and have used it a time or two, it does not mean that you know everything about it. In fact, this versatile landscape material has some hidden advantages you probably know nothing about.  Take a look at some of the hidden advantages of mulch that any homeowner can appreciate. 

Mulch creates a desirable habitat for earthworms. 

Just about everyone knows that earthworms are a sign of a healthy ground composition, but did you know that installing mulch can help foster a habitat that is perfect for these wonderous little creatures. As mulch decomposes with exposure to the elements, microbial activty elevates in the soil beneath, which creates a nice, healthy environment for earthworms. Not only will having mulch attract earthworms to a particular area, the earthworms will probably stick around for the long term because the dcomosing mulch is a good food source. 

Mulch helps eliminate problems with soil erosion. 

If tere are particular areas in your yard where you constantly feel like you are fighting a losing battle with running water and erosion, try installing a layer of hefty mulch. Mulch is naturally porous and super absorbent, especially the conifer-related mulch types that have a lighter density. Because the rainwater runoff will have to travel through the absorbent mulch to get to a lower position, it changes the way the water affects the soil. Therefore, you will not see those same dips, cracks, and crevices show up on the ground's surface because of flowing rainwater. 

Mulch protects the livelihood of roots systems underground. 

When installed in a substantially sized layer, mulch acts as insulation that blankets the ground that it covers. When the temperatures drop in the winter season, the roots systems and bulbs of trees, flowers, and plants can be negatively impacted by the drastic changes in ground temperature. With mulch in place, the change of temperature of the upper layers of the soil will happen much more slowly. Therefore, the temperature changes are less likely to be a shock to the root systems that are beneath the soil. 

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