Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

What Else, Besides Coffee, Should You Offer At Your Coffee Shop?

by Aiden Carroll

If you want to start a coffee shop that appeals to a wide audience, it's important to realize that not everything is about the coffee. There will be many patrons who love the coffee shop environment but who dislike coffee or can't drink it. And then there will be regulars who occasionally want something other than coffee, and they trust you to provide a delicious alternative. Here are some of the other beverages every coffee shop should consider.


It's no joke-- having a selection of high quality water is key. The acidity and dehydrating effects of coffee are something that you want to let guests counteract by providing water options. For many shops, hiring water conditioning services and providing in-house water dispensers is a solid option. Many boutique coffee shops swap out flat water for a fizzy version. Some patrons will still prefer to buy water in bottles so that they can have it on the go, so a reliable water deliver service will round out your selection of water.

Specialty Hot Beverages

Having your own signature hot beverages is an important way to let your guests shake it up every once in awhile. But the key is to offer something that people couldn't easily get at home. If you are going to provide tea, choose providers that offer flavors some people may not have tried on their own. Use ingredients that are unique and have less of a place in common recipes, such as rose syrup or hazelnut milk. Sometimes, the methods used to make the drink can be unique enough in themselves. Not many people have a milk steamer in their homes, for instance.


People come to your establishment for many different reasons. Some are there to work or just to think. Others are socializing with acquaintances. Some are just lounging. For any of these occasions, certain people prefer caffeine while others would rather have a drink in their hand. Offering beer and wine in your coffee shop is one way to make alcohol available without changing the mood too far towards being a hangout space. The balance must be struck between offering people the chance to have a drink but not to get loud.

Protein and Fruit Drinks

A final option to consider is heavier drinks that complement or act as a meal. Protein shakes, fruit drinks, and smoothies will round out your offerings to appeal to people who are a bit more hungry.


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