Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Create A Unique Garden With Native Plants

by Aiden Carroll

Living in a residential home with a unique landscape design can give you many hours of relaxation and pleasure. You can create your own individual landscape design with some planning and a bit of research. Once you know what plants and wildlife are native to your location, you can create your own unique garden that does not require much maintenance and/or upkeep. Here are a few things to consider when designing and planting your own unique residential garden:  

Your Own Garden Design:  To create your own garden design, divide your front and back yards into curved sections that mimic how trees, plants, and rocks exist in the wild. You can build stone benches and padded lounges in different sections of your yard so that you can read or sunbathe as the sunlight changes during the day.  

Use Native Plants:  Plants trees, grasses, flowers, herbs, and bushes that are native to your location. These plants will thrive in your residential yard without much maintenance because this is their natural home. When using native plants, you will save maintenance time because you will not have to prune and/or trim your plants. Native plants also do not require much water as they get a lot of moisture naturally from the atmosphere.  

Encourage Local Wildlife:  The use of native plants in a natural garden setting will create a location that will attract local birds and wildlife to your yard. You can further encourage many different species of birds and wildlife if you set out sunflower seeds, millet, safflower seeds, and other seeds. You can also plant berry bushes and fruit trees to encourage wildlife to come to your yard. 

Hardscaping:  For a natural and individual look for your yard, use curved concrete edging stones to separate the different sections of your garden. You can plant grass between these sections and also install flagstone and gravel pathways to connect the sections. With these paths, you can create several focal points in your yards that can provide seating and a barbecue area. 

Natural Water Feature:  A water fountain with a waterfall is always a nice addition to a front or backyard. You can use natural stones, flagstones, and a circulating water pump, to create a self-contained water feature that can create soothing sounds and give your local wildlife a place to bathe and drink water. The only maintenance that is needed with a natural water feature is to fill up the water reservoir when the water gets low and plant natural plants such as water lilies and water hyacinth to keep the recirculating water oxygenated. 

Build a Gazebo:  You can create a hanging garden when you build a wooden gazebo in your yard. Potted plants can hang from the wooden framework and provide you with colorful flowers all year long. You can also install outdoor lighting on your gazebo to give your yard a focal point at night. 

Irrigation:  You can install a drip irrigation system in your residential yard that can irrigate the different sections of your yard with the turn of a spigot. You can also install a drip irrigation system and misters for the hanging plants in your gazebo so that they are continually keep moist and healthy. 

Research a unique garden design for your residential yard online or in local garden centers. You can begin by designing and planting one section and keep adding more sections to your garden. Soon you will create a wonderful yard that can be the highlight of your residential property. If you have any questions or wish to leave this in the hands of the professionals, contact your local landscapers, like Hufnagel Landscaping Inc.


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