Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Special Considerations For Glass Railings In Coastal Areas

by Aiden Carroll

Many people purchase second homes in coastal areas. While the sand and surf can provide enjoyment and relaxation, these coastal features can also present unique challenges when it comes to the construction materials used to build your second home. Installing a glass railing around balconies or decks can be a great way to enjoy unobstructed views of the beach near your second home.

Here are two special considerations that you need to make when investing in glass railings for your coastal home to ensure the railings remain beautiful and functional well into the future.

1. Make sure your glass railings are wind-resistant.

While the gentle breeze rolling in off the ocean may be a selling point when you are purchasing your second home, it's important to recognize the fact that this breeze can become a lot stronger.

Coastal areas are subjected to unique wind conditions. As the winds pass over the coastline, the air current can bend, veer, or become stronger. In addition to the difficulty in predicting wind patterns along coastal areas, storms over the sea can create strong gusts that will test the quality of your glass railings.

Be sure that the glass railings you install on your second home are wind-resistant so that they can withstand the strong gusts coming off the ocean near your vacation property with ease. This usually means looking for a glass railing that is made from thick tempered glass that will be able to maintain its structural integrity in the face of strong winds.

2. Make sure your glass railings are salt-resistant.

Another important consideration that needs to be made when you are investing in glass railings for your coastal home is the type of coating used to treat the glass panels.

The salt and other compounds that are found in sea water will likely come into contact with your glass railings- either through direct contact with sea spray or through particles transported on coastal winds.

Investing in glass railings that are treated with a salt-resistant coating will prevent these particles from collecting on the surface of each glass panel. Salt-resistant glass railings will not become grimy or clouded over time, allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the coastline near your second home.

Being able to identify some important features to look for as you invest in glass railings will allow you to enjoy the unobstructed views these unique railings can provide when they are installed on your coastal home. For more information, contact companies like California Reflections Inc.


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