Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Three Reasons Why Sump Pump Installations Require Contractors And Permits

by Aiden Carroll

If you want a drier basement, you may be considering a sump pump. This is especially true of any basement where there is a lot of standing water and no sewer drainage holes in the basement floor. However, you may be surprised to learn that a sump pump requires a contractor and a permit to install. The reasons for this are as follows.

The Hole in the Floor Is Concrete

When you put a hole in the floor of your basement, it is actually lined with concrete. This removes any potential for invading insects that would take full advantage of the dirt hole in your basement floor and the constant moisture to help them survive. Pest insects would especially enjoy the "open door" to your home through a dirt hole in the floor of your basement. As such, a concrete contractor is hired to first create the hole, and then line it with concrete.

The Sump Pump Requires Electricity

A sump pump requires electricity to function. The pump itself is powered by electricity, and without the pump, you have no sump pump. For that reason, you may need an electrical contractor as well as a concrete contractor to install the sump pump. The wires from the pump will need to be routed to the fuse box and channeled into their own switch so that the sump pump can be turned off when it is in need of repairs.

The Sump Pump Also Requires Some Pipes and Plumbing

The pump pulls water out of the hole in the floor and channels it upward through some pipes to the outside. Plumbers are responsible for making the pipes connect, work together and seal them off to prevent leaks. While you may have more than one contractor involved with the installation of your sump pump, you may also have a general contractor that handles the entire job him/herself.

Some Cities and Towns Consider This "Major Construction"

Because you are altering your property to assist it with emptying the basement of water, and the water is being pumped to the outside to dispose of it, some cities and towns consider this "major construction." If that applies where you live, your sump pump installer will have to acquire a permit to install the sump pump. After the sump pump is installed, you have to register its existence with the city or town in which you live. It becomes part of the "property improvements" column and property description on your property record with the county, and is subsequently figured into the calculation of property taxes.

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