Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Protecting Your Home With Impact-Resistant Glass

by Aiden Carroll

Protecting your home, family, and belongings is important, so taking every step to do that should also be important. Protecting them from intruders is one thing but how do you protect them from mother nature and the wrath she can throw at your home? One way is to install impact-resistant glass windows and doors in your home.

Impact-Resistant Glass Explained

Impact-resistant glass, also known as impact windows, is built using two pieces of glass with a flexible membrane sandwiched between them. The glass is then mounted in an aluminum frame for strength and durability. While the glass can be broken, the membrane in between the layers holds the pieces together much like that of a broken windshield, increasing the structural integrity of the window or door.

Protection From Weather

Impact-resistant glass is often referred to as storm proof glass because it is used along the coast of many states where hurricanes are common. The glass will withstand impacts from storm debris and wind but the amount of impact will be different depending on the glass installed. In some areas, a rated impact-resistant glass is mandatory in homes and often there are local ordinances in place that indicate what level of impact the glass must resist. Check with your local code enforcement office for details about what is required in your area.

Protection From Intruders

Flying debris from a storm is one thing but what about an intruder trying to enter your home? Impact-resistant glass helps here too. If an intruder tries to break the glass and enter your home, they will encounter a window that is hard to break and once it does, the glass will not fall out of the frame. Entry through the window will be nearly impossible as the broken glass and membrane will still be in the window frame. In most cases, the prowler won't look further, they will simply leave in frustration and your home will still be secure.

Styles and Finishes

Installing impact-resistant glass will not detract from the look of your home at all. In fact, most companies offering the windows offer a variety of styles and finishes to choose from. The frames are typically made from aluminum and are covered in vinyl so choosing a color or finish that compliments your home is relatively easy. The glass is available in windows and doors so check with your local home center or glass company to see what is available in your area.  


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