Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

The Advantages Of Using Structural Steel In Home Construction Over Traditional Lumber

by Aiden Carroll

Getting the chance to build your own home is one of those exciting things that only a select group of prospective homeowners will ever actually do. Whether you are working with a home contractor or you are planning to do a lot of the work yourself, there are a lot of big decisions to be made, especially when it comes to framing materials. While most will go with traditional lumber for framing their home because it is the typical route to take, structural steel framing is, in a lot of ways, the better choice. Take a peek at these advantages you will reap by opting for structural steel framing over traditional lumber. 

Structural steel goes in place much more quickly than wood framing. 

When you order structural steel framing for your home, the pieces are cut to fit right from the manufacturer. Therefore, when the pieces arrive and are ready to be pieced together, it is just a matter of erecting the pieces in place and making the proper connections using fasteners. Wood framing, on the other hand, has to be cut and pieced together on the job site, which means framing processes usually take longer to achieve. 

Structural steel framing allows you to take your time with building without weather concerns. 

Wood is porous and not resistant to moisture. Therefore, once the framing goes up, you will be under the pressure of the clock and the local weather to get the frame of your new home aptly covered as quickly as possible. Structural steel framing does not pose the same concerns where weathering is concerned. This makes it the ideal material if you are building your home bit by bit because leaving the open framework uncovered for an extended period will not mean you will have to worry about damages. 

Structural steel framing is highly versatile, allowing freedom of creativity. 

If you are planning to build a home with a shape that is not as common as most, structural steel framing is definitely your best bet. Steel is far more moldable and versatile than wood, and it is also easier to manipulate without compromising the stability of the material. For example, if you need an exterior wall with an angular shape, steel can be manufactured to coincide with the framing shape right at the factory, whereas wood would have to be cut into small pieces and pieced together on site. 


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