Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

4 Warning Signs That Your Sewer Needs To Be Cleaned

by Aiden Carroll

You may not  think about all the work your sewer does until you have problems with it. It's likely that you count on your sewer to get the job done day in and day out without any concern. However, there are times when this plumbing component may need to be cleaned by a professional. This can allow it to stay in the best condition for continued service. By knowing some of the warning signs that typically indicate a sewer cleaning is due, this can prepare you for scheduling the appointment.

Sign #1: Foul odors

If you walk out the door and suddenly an intense and stinky smell hits you in the face, this is an immediate sign that you need to get your sewer cleaned. This could be due to some leakage, and the smell won't get better until this problem is resolved. 

Sign #2: Pooling water

You may find puddles of water continually gathering close to the sewer unit. This should not be occurring and is a sign that you're having water overflow from your sewer area. This can cause issues for your grass or safety concerns if you or any visitors walk in this area.

Sign #3: Clogged toilets

The key to always making your bathroom visits as comfortable and as stress-free as possible is by making sure the toilet flushes with ease. However, this won't be the case if you need the sewer to be drained. The water can get clogged, and when this consistently occurs, you will want to call a professional to clean your sewer for you.

Sign #4: Slow drains

Do you find every time you use the kitchen sink, take a bath, or brush your teeth in the bathroom, the water won't go down the drain fast enough? If you continue to deal with slow drains, this is a strong sign that your pipes are clogged, and only a thorough cleaning of the sewer will remedy the problem.

Being able to make life as less stressful as possible will largely demand that the plumbing in your home works properly. When you're faced with continuous issues, you will want to get these fixed as quickly as you can. This may require you to schedule an appointment with a plumbing professional to get your sewer cleaned, so take control of this situation and call in a professional like those found at Walters Environmental Services to take care of things.


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