Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Bathroom Renovations For Fun And Profit: The Right Choices To Maximize Your Return

by Aiden Carroll

Today's popular television shows make it look like investing money into your home is always a winning financial investment. However, the part that many people seem to forget is that the experts on these shows know exactly how to get the largest return for their budget. In real life, a novice that doesn't have a solid plan for their home improvements can end up with a depleted budget--and not much value to show for it.

Bathroom, fortunately, tend to be a good target for home improvement from a financial standpoint. The average return in 2015 on bathroom remodels was 70%. That means you aren't setting yourself up to lose a great deal of money when you develop your bathroom project. If you know what to target--and what to avoid--with your plan, your return can be even better than that.

Consider a Contemporary Double Vanity

If your project is driven by the fact that your current bathroom is outdated or run-down, you're probably focused on your tub and floor. These areas tend to show quite a bit of wear in older bathrooms, and the aesthetic improvements that new tubs and tile bring are significant. That said, if your budget is limited to one or two major purchases, consider adding a double vanity--particularly in master bathrooms.

While the extra plumbing required to feed a double vanity setup will add expenses to your budget, the feature is a common selling point in high-end homes. Also, since the vanity is the only major piece of furniture in many bathrooms, you'll add a significant amount of style to your bathroom space with this upgrade. The added utility of a second sink, when combined with the updated look of the vanity, can add a great deal of value to an older bathroom.

Don't Neglect Your Paint

It's easy to get lost in the process of choosing fixtures and tile. After all, the options consumers have regarding these design elements are vast. Unfortunately, when people focus heavily on these items, they often forget to consider their paint choice.

This is a critical mistake. Paint in a bathroom, due to the amount of moisture and heat present, takes a beating. A fresh coat of high-quality paint on the walls and trim can completely rejuvenate the look of a bathroom--for a very low cost. Consider choosing durable paint in neutral colors that compliment both your vanity and your tile.

Tend To Your Closets

Closets in the master bathroom are one of the most important items for the sake of utility. Aside from fresh linens and bathrobes, many people choose to store their worn clothing in the bathroom as well. However, many bathroom closest consider of a single clothing bar and a few simple shelves.

The good news is that closet reconfiguration is relatively inexpensive--so long as you aren't trying to increase the actual closet space. Think about how you could best use your closet and build it out accordingly. You'll be glad that you did.

Make Sure It Shines

One of the worst features in most bathrooms is the lighting. It's common to see otherwise beautiful bathrooms appear dull and dirty because the available light isn't maximized or the fixtures are cheap. Also, a lack of adequate lighting makes it almost impossible to use the bathroom properly.

To avoid this, make sure your remodel includes ample lighting with quality fixtures. If the current electrical wiring doesn't support this, spend the money to correct things. Your bathroom will look cleaner and more inviting as a result. It will function better, too.

Your bathroom is almost guaranteed to see multiple uses every day. Spending money to make it a functional, inviting space is always a good idea. With a little planning and attention to detail, it can be a good financial choice as well.

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