Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Stop Your Dog From Peeing On -- And Damaging -- Your Air Conditioner

by Aiden Carroll

If you have a dog, you'll probably be letting it outside more frequently as spring comes and the temperature warms up. If your dog is a male, this could spell trouble for your air conditioner. Here's how male dogs damage AC units, along with how to prevent your pooch from harming your air conditioner.

Male Dogs Pee on AC Units

While any animal could go to the bathroom on your air conditioner, male dogs are especially notorious for peeing on objects. It's how they mark their territory.

Your pooch will want to urinate on everything in your yard to claim it as his own. This includes your trees, bushes, gardens and fence -- as well as your air conditioner. If there's another male dog in the area who urinates on your AC unit, yours might go on it multiple times to keep claiming it as his own.

Dog Urine Damages Air Conditioners' Fins

Dog urine will damage your air conditioner's fins, which will reduce how efficient the unit is. The damage can be almost imperceptible at first, especially if you aren't specifically looking for it. Its effects, however, are far from imperceptible.

Air conditioner fins are on the outer edge of your air conditioner so that air can flow through them quickly. They increase the surface area of the appliance's cold coils, and thus improve the heat exchange. The coils cool the fins, which in turn rapidly cools the air going through. In order to maximize their surface area, fins are usually thin and constructed from aluminum, a metal that The Professional's Choice says dog urine corrodes. Thus, anytime your dog pees on your AC unit, he's making the fins rust. Because fins are so thin, just a little urine can cause them to rust right through.

Even little corrosion holes are a major problem, because they reduce the fins' surface area. Without as much surface area, the fins -- and your air conditioner -- are much less efficient. Because the holes can be small and are typically close to the ground, you might never realize there are rust holes reducing your air conditioner's efficiency.

Dog Urine Can Corrode Coils

If the problem is left untreated, your pooch's bathroom habits can do much more than render your air conditioner inefficient. If the urine eats through the fins enough that it can reach further inside the unit, it can cause other components to rust.

Coils, in particular, can also rust. If they do, Freon (the coolant used in air conditioners) could leak from your AC unit. A Freon leak would require repair from a professional air conditioning services provider.

You Can Stop Your Dog

Thankfully, there are ways to stop your dog from peeing on your air conditioner and damaging it. In addition to training him, you could:

  • put up a dog run in another part of the yard for him
  • plant a tree or shrub near your AC unit to encourage your pooch to mark that instead
  • enclose your air conditioner in a security cage or decorative fence

When enclosing your AC unit in a security cage or fence, you should first consult an air conditioning services company. Sometimes, fences can block airflow. Although cages themselves don't usually interfere with airflow, leaves and grasses can get stuck to them and interfere with the air flow. An HVAC services provider will be able to assess your air conditioners location and help you devise a setup that will both prevent your dog from urinating on the unit and let air pass through it freely.

This spring, stop your dog from damaging your air conditioner. Watch his urinating habits. If he's marking your unit, take action to stop him before your unit's fins or coils are harmed.


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