Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Mini-Guide To What May Cause Condensation Inside Your RV

by Aiden Carroll

Whether you live in your RV full time or just spend time in it occasionally, condensation may be a problem. Condensation forms when the moisture in the air comes in contact with a cool surface. It's important to understand the various causes for moisture in RVs, because some of them could be huge red flags your RV is in desperate need of repair. And, condensation can cause water damage and mold growth if it's allowed to form repeatedly over time. Here's what you need to know about the condensation in your RV.

Condensation Caused by Bad Habits

When you live or stay in a tightly confined space, you have to be careful to not introduce moisture into the air. Cooking and bathing inside your RV will cause humidity, which can transform into condensation when it hits the cooler window and wall surfaces. You should always open the roof vents and run your exhaust fans when cooking and bathing. Those are the 2 most obvious reasons for condensation inside an RV. Here are a few others that may not be so obvious:

  • Snow and rain gets tracked into the carpeting on a regular basis. Place an absorbent towel at the entrance to wipe shoes with when it's snowing or raining. Hang the towel outside to dry.
  • Spills in the carpeting or upholstery. Purchase a hand-held wet-vac to clean up spills quickly and efficiently before the padding underneath gets soaked.
  • Each person can produce as much as one quart of sweat every day. If you are going to exercise, do it outside.

Helpful tip: Place silica desiccant in cups in each area of the RV to help control moisture. Sticks of chalk can also be used to absorb moisture in the air.  

Condensation Caused by Mechanical & Structural Failure

Moisture can come from mechanical and structural problems in your RV, some of which can lead to serious problems that may leave you stranded along the highway or sick with an illness. First, check to make sure the vents are not set to re-circulate the air within the RV. Set the vents to outside so the moisture can be removed. Here are other problems that could cause condensation:

  • The heater core uses the coolant from your engine to heat the cabin. A leak in this system may cause condensation inside the RV. If this is the cause, there will likely be a sweet odor from the coolant. Given the leak comes from the coolant used to keep your engine cool, your engine could overheat.
  • The air conditioner has a drain that may be blocked. This will cause a musty odor. It may cause your engine to rev down when your air conditioner is turned on, which can cause your engine to stall. There may be mildew or mold within the system that could cause breathing problems.
  • The air filter for your cabin may be clogged, which may cause your engine to work harder and lose power. Pollutants from the engine can enter the cabin, which can cause nausea.
  • Windows that are cracked or not sealed can cause water to seep in and increase the moisture inside the RV. This can lead to structural problems within the framing of your RV.

Helpful tip: Take your RV to a mechanic for a full-system checkup, including a test to ensure the windows are sealed properly.

Condensation within an RV can lead to uncomfortable and unhealthy living conditions. However, sometimes the condensation is caused by mechanical malfunctions that may cause engine failure. Full inspections of the RV by an automotive mechanic and an RV glass repair contractor, like Central Glass, can help you figure out what is causing the condensation.


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