Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

2 Garage Door Problems And What They Might Mean

by Aiden Carroll

If you are like most people, the last thing you probably have time for is troubleshooting your garage door. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to figure out where your garage door issues stem from, which can be incredibly frustrating. Here are two garage door problems and what they might mean, so you can decide how to fix the issue.   

1: Unresponsive System

After arriving home during a heavy rain or snow storm, nothing is more frustrating than an unresponsive system. As you furiously click away on that remote, your door might sit perfectly still. Although you might be tempted to march into your garage with wet hair and rip out that antiquated garage door system, you should check these things first:

  • Remote Button: Sometimes, all an unresponsive garage door means is that something is wrong with your remote. Check the button of your remote to see if any of the edges are stuck. If food or dirt builds up in the area around the button, it can hold part of the device in place and keep the button from functioning normally.
  • Batteries: Remove the battery cover from your remote and look for signs of leaks or corrosion. If batteries get too old, they can break open and spill acid on the inside of your remote, which can destroy the entire device. If there aren't any signs of damage, replace the batteries.
  • Power Problems: If your garage door still doesn't respond after troubleshooting the remote, check to see if the opening device looks like it is getting power. Most systems have daytime running lights if they are operating properly. Check your breaker box for tripped circuits if you can tell that your system isn't connected. You might be able to start things back up by simply flipping a switch.

Unfortunately, not every unresponsive system is caused by a bad set of batteries or a tripped breaker. If your door is bent or has come off the tracks, you might need to hire a professional to inspect your door and find the root of the problem.

2: A Door That Won't Close Properly

Have you ever tried to close your garage door, only to have it pop back open repeatedly? After clearing the area around the safety eye beams, you might end up pulling the emergency handle and closing your door by hand. Here are a few garage door parts that can cause this kind of trouble:

  • Edge Sensors: To keep your garage door from closing on your car, pet, or child, many manufacturers install edge sensors along the underside of the garage door edge. These sensors detect pressure, and immediately reverse once they hit something. Unfortunately, sensors can fail, and make it impossible to close your door. If your door won't stay shut, hire a professional to inspect your sensors and replace broken versions.  
  • Limit Switches: Every house is different, which means that some garage door openings are taller than others. To control the distance that the garage door covers, most garage door opener systems use limit switches. These devices can be programmed to move the door a certain distance before shutting off, but if they break, it might mean that your door doesn't close all the way. If your door stops before it hits your driveway, but functions normally otherwise, you might need to hire a professional to adjust or replace your limit switch.

Remember that although hiring a professional to service your garage door can seem like an added expense, the cost pales in comparison to the price of a new system. Click to find out more about how a garage door repairperson can help you.

Understanding the underlying causes of common garage door problems might help you to troubleshoot your system a little faster, so that you can enjoy your weekend.


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