Change Your Home One Step at a Time

Change Your Home One Step at a Time

  • 4 Custom Kitchen Features To Consider In Your Remodel

    Your kitchen may be one of the most important and frequently-used rooms in your home, and if so, it deserves a custom remodel to help it better fill your needs. Whether you and your family need more eating space, better food-preparation setups, or some other custom aspect of the kitchen, a luxury kitchen remodel may be right for you. Here are four custom kitchen features to consider including in your next remodel.

  • Commercial Construction Design Ideas To Make Buildings Greener And Efficient

    If you are planning a construction project, you are going to want to consider green building designs. There are benefits to having a greener commercial building design. For one thing, it can save you energy and reduce operating costs if you are a business owner. Green building designs can also qualify for special certifications and financial benefits. Some ideas to consider for greener building design with commercial construction include: Thermal Barriers with Green Roofs and Other Finishes

  • Why You Might Want A Land Survey As A Homeowner

    Land surveying is a service that can be used to determine exactly where a property line or boundary begins or ends. If you own a piece of property as a homeowner, there are a variety of different reasons why you might want to get an official survey of your property. Here are just some of the different scenarios that a local land surveying expert can assist you with. Make Sure You Have the Legal Right Before Making an Addition or Adjustment to Your Home

  • You Need To Know These Three Things About A New Sump Pump Installation

    Homeowners have many reasons to be concerned about protecting their homes. Sometimes it is easy to get comfortable in day-to-day life and neglect to realize things that could potentially result in property loss. Fires are likely one of the main types of dangers that can cause partial or total property loss. Plumbing issues can cause significant property damage. Sometimes the damage may go undetected due to issues such as silent leaks or leaks that occur in obscure places like basements.

  • Why You Should Get a Fire Pit for Your Backyard

    If you are thinking about redoing the landscaping of your backyard, there are a lot of different options for you to consider in the process. One of those options is to get yourself a fire pit. Fire pits can be great additions to your backyard space and can enhance any landscaping design. Get to know some of the many reasons you should get a fire pit for your backyard. Then, you can best decide if a fire pit is right for you and your landscaping design ideas.

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    Change Your Home One Step at a Time

    The best way to handle major home renovations is to take them one step at a time. Instead of trying to change your whole home at once, start small. I started with the guest bathroom, then the guest bedroom, then moved on to my kids’ rooms, my bedroom, and the living room. Now I’m working on remodeling the kitchen. I started this blog to help other people who are attempting major home renovations. I’ll show you how to change your whole home by breaking it up into manageable chunks. Wondering which kitchen counters are right for you, or how to add more space to your bedroom? We’ll go over the pros and cons of different materials and discuss DIY renovation projects. Before you know it, you’ll have created your dream home.